01. Our Brand

Sillenos Pottery continues its production activities in accordance with the quality standards in Cappadocia where the favorite city of soil products and handicrafts.

Our principles; To share the awareness of quality we have created within the company with customers, to be an example in business ethics and commercial honesty, to keep our production at the highest quality, to make domestic production compete in international quality, to closely follow technological developments, trends, new ideas, all kinds of activities that will increase productivity for continuous improvement.

02. Producing

We will continue to produce clay products in accordance with quality standards with our machines with the latest technologies in our workshop and modern factory with our esteemed craftsmen.

It deals with business integrity and business education and division over the years, to maintain the value of our manufacturing brand year after year.

The aim of R&D is to show pride in pointing out the firsts. is our priority. We are a pioneering, level, hardworking and dynamic team. As Sillenos Çömlekcilik, we always adhere to these expectations.

03. Our Team and Work Policy

Working with a team spirit, providing the highest quality service in line with the expectations of its customers and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, Sillenos Pottery, the leading clay products company of our country, adopts the following principles in line with these goals,

  • By determining the expectations, to realize the most effective and creative solutions and the most appropriate projects for these expectations and needs,
  • To see team spirit and teamwork understanding as one of the basic elements of our company culture,
  • To accept people as our most valuable resource,
  • To consider our activities, decision-making and functioning mechanisms as a system,
  • Contributing to and owning company goals and strategies,
  • To build all relationships on the basis of honesty and reliability.
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